Afrin No Drip – Review #gotitfree

I am a BzzAgent, being one allows me to receive great products out to test and review how well they work.  I recently received Afrin No Drip for review.  I have several times through out the year that my allergies are definitely working against me.  Of course I also have those great triggers that you can not predict like someone having a bonfire near my home.  I am so glad for Afrin at these times.  I can use it twice a day (it lasts for 12 hours) and it helps relieve the congestion quickly.

I love that if I am suddenly around a trigger and I use Afrin, it keeps me from being miserable, but if I am already sick or stuffed up, it works quickly to relieve the symptoms.  Lets face it, having a stuffy nose is not fun, being able to relieve the congestion quickly is a must, at least for me.  The best part with the Afrin No Drip, it no longer drips down the back of your throat or out of your nose after you use it which is nice.

You can check out the all the Afrin products by heading to their website, they have a save now button that you can use to print out coupons to help you save.

I received Afrin No Drip Original as a BzzAgent in order to do a review, however all opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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